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May 2024
Community meeting

Thank you all for attending the community update for the I-20 Westside Vegetation Management and Landscaping projects.  As stated in the meeting the purpose of the I-20 vegetation management project is to prune and remove hazardous trees or tree cover along the I-20 mainline roadside and corresponding ramps. 


This is a routine maintenance activity that enhances the safety of the traveling public and is conducted around metro Atlanta and statewide.  Because of the impact of this project had to the established landscaped areas that were maintained with the West End CID, a landscaping project was developed in coordination with the CID to restore what was removed in the areas of their maintenance responsibility.  While the vegetation management project is wrapping up by the end of this month (May), the landscaping project activities will begin shortly thereafter into July to restore the landscaping.  


Please see the attached list of Questions with responses from the chat that took place and the presentation that was given on May 22. 


GDOT will continue its coordination with the West End CID and City of Atlanta on finalizing these projects.  Please reach out to me or our Maintenance Team at the District 7 office if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Powerpoint presented at the May 2024 Community Meeting


Questions & Answers received about the project.

Q&A Seminar
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